Compliment Deniers Are Exhausting, Don’t Be Exhausting

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This article was inspired by my friend’s Karen Madej’s piece:

I used to work with a lady called Colleen. She was attractive, bright and industrious. She looked good for her age and had a nice figure which she had earned by healthy habits and exercise. She was kind, had a sense of humour, and was generally good fun.

And to listen to her describe herself she was Quasimodo, but with less sex appeal.

There was one thing about Colleen that was no fun at all, and that was the constant battle if you ever offered her…

When Is Diversity Not Diversity? When Prejudice is Condoned By Parliament.

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As a middle-aged woman, I’m considered anathema to many publications. I’m your mum, and nobody wants to listen to what their mum has to say. Except, perhaps, all the millions of other middle-aged people out there with cold hard cash to spend, who might relate to middle-aged authors and find us relevant, thoughtful, experienced, or occasionally even wise.

But rationality never defeated bias single-handedly.

Ageism is a worldwide problem, The WHO considers it to be the most prevalent form of prejudice.

“Ageism is highly prevalent; however, unlike other forms of discrimination, including sexism and racism, it…

How I became a Spiritual Seeker — The Chapbook Chapters

UPDATED — All The Chapters In One Place

As requested by Britni Pepper in her helpful article aimed at ILLUMINATION Book Chapter authors, please find below a “table of contents” of chapters so far published for “Sex Saved me from a Christian Cult”. I’ve found that publishing in chapter form requires particular editing so as to ensure the correct flow and pace in this format. I’m a little time poor at the moment, so I’ll get back to you with the final chapters, ASAP.

If this is the first time you’ve visited me, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Alison Tennent and I’ve been lost in…

Snobbery Doesn’t Equal Superiority

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Nobody swears as fluently as a Glaswegian, though some of our Southern cousins may beg to differ. There are many different cultural and class expectations all around the world. Where I grew up, not swearing could earn you a skelp from members of the crab pot.

People raised in pretentious environments and dreadful social climbers sometimes need smelling salts to revive them at the utterance of a swear word. Interestingly however, true blue bloods are known to swear like fucking troopers. Aristocrats are not trying to scrabble up the social rungs, after all.

The Vocabulary And IQ Claim Debunked

Those vociferously opposed to…

Oceans and lifetimes

The breeze is helpful in the way toddlers are, shimmying the plastic drop cloths, gently tugging them free to float towards the paint, scattering spatters and wafting insects to their doom.

Minute creatures have been nose-diving into my iced water, drowning with cool relief in search of respite from a lackadaisical Queensland morning. We’ve already beaten the estimated temperature by two degrees, six weeks into Spring.

My skin is greasy with sunblock, factor balaclava, visor clamped to my head. I’ve brushed and hosed the door down, it dried almost instantly in the rising heat, and now I’m patiently applying masking…

Video Introduction 3. Ulf Wolf: Poet, Philosopher, Musician and Writer for ILLUMINATION Book Chapters

When Dr Yildiz opened his new publication ILLUMINATION Book Chapters, I thought it was such a terrific idea I made a video about it, just for fun. Following on from that I made two more videos, featuring two different ILLUMINATION Book Chapters authors — again simply because I enjoy making videos, I had the time (at that time!) to do it, and because I could. Those of you who know me may already know that I started making videos last year, in response to an ILLUMINATION challenge, and enjoyed it so much it’s become something of a hobby.

So, here’s…

Chapbook Chapter Seven

How I became a Spiritual Seeker — Chapter 7

Click here for Chapter Six
Find All the Chapters Here

This is a true story.

Chapter Seven: The Walls Start Tumbling

Surprisingly, I still don’t regret all that much about my time in The Church. It was a learning experience and I think it left me a better person, though not in the way they’d have wished. Stronger, clearer-eyed, less vulnerable to bullshit, more educated in matters of Christianity, and more interested in the spiritual than the religious.

But I do wish I had been kinder to Jutta, and Em. Em was a blonde-haired, dimpled little darling, and though in my youth I wasn’t particularly fond of children, I did become…

But They Won’t Have The Desired Effect

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Not once, or twice, but three times of late I’ve seen writers bitching about their comment section. Specifically, these writers want to control what other people put in their Medium, Facebook or other public platform comment sections, and feel it’s rather poor form for others to promote their own content by dropping links.

Of course, as a bastard with a wicked sense of humour, I felt a not-quite-overwhelming urge to immediately engage in this activity. But I managed to restrain myself.

Very occasionally I’ve dropped a link to one of my articles in a comment section…

Nosy so and so! I lived in a fairly big city, and the suburbs I grew up in were also busy, but nosy bastards (or should I say whoresons?!) abound everywhere.

When I was about 19 I bumped into a neighbour who lived in a tenement around the corner from ours. I didn't even know her name, we were on nodding terms, but one afternoon she stopped me in the street to tell me she liked the black dress I had been wearing the other night. I was genuinely confused. I finally figured out that she meant she had been…

They didn't even bother SENDING me the questionnaire, and they shadow banned me ages ago. I guess I've told them one too many times what I really think of them 😄😄😄

The Garrulous Glaswegian

Besom & Bletherskite. Garrulous Glaswegian. Carbon based bipedal Life Form.

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