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Sickening News For Writers

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I missed this information until today.

Foreword added 27th Jan: I think it would be helpful if as many of us as possible comment voicing our disagreement on their thread. I don’t know if it will help, but certainly if we do nothing they’re going to go ahead with this…

The Authentic Eclectic

The Authentic Eclectic Kicker

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In the AE Submission Requirements I mention that if there’s a spare tag available on your work, I will add #theauthenticeclectic, and that if the kicker is unused I’ll add one — namely The Authentic Eclectic.

This, as I explained, is to push the algorithm. The more The Authentic Eclectic…

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On Sundays, she will chop vegetables alone now. 60 years of preparing Sunday lunch together in companionable harmony is done.

Years that flashed past in a second, and that stretched and yawed and seemed endless. Yet somehow did end.

Her son, my husband, carries her through these worst weeks. Tries…

The Authentic Eclectic

If You Don’t Promote Yourself, Nobody Else Will

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Writers here seem to vacillate wildly between basic bloggers who write nonsensical clickbait and have no problem spamming strangers, and decent sorts who are petrified of asking anything of anyone because they perceive it as ill-mannered.

On an entirely unrelated note — from 22nd to 23rd January (today and tomorrow)…

The Garrulous Glaswegian

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