In Memory Of Mary Tennent

Of lions, mums and murder

Dad and mum on their wedding day, photo is author’s, all rights reserved

Over the years I’ve shared many tales about the old mater and pater. Sometimes I’ll make a comment about my mum and well-meaning friends will say “Oh she sounds just like me/my mum” and though I always smile, I think I can reasonably say I doubt it.

How do I even begin to talk about a woman who defied description even when alive?

Despite the grinding poverty which haunted much of her life, or perhaps because of it, my mother was the most materially generous person I’ve ever known. If you’ve lived amongst the poor, the middle…

Engage men emotionally and back up your claims

Photo by fauxels from Pexels free from copyright

Another day, another complaint by a man that women are vilifying his sex. Rather than focusing on the horrible murder of a woman by a police officer and the genuinely terrifying implications of that for women, he’s furious at the way a woman writing about another woman being murdered hurt his feelings.

Is this fair? Of course not. Does it negatively impact the struggle for women’s sex based rights? Well, it just might.

To be honest that particular chap was probably already irredeemably lost to all logical discussion, as he was also making false claims about sexual…

And you’re not Irish either

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay free from copyright

On my first day in Sunny So Cal, back in the 90s, a friendly lady with a nasal Californian accent showed us around our apartment complex in Newport Beach. Well, to be honest it was Costa Mesa calling itself Newport Beach, which I can understand as it probably bumped the rent $200 a month.

As we perambulated she asked me about my accent. Little did I know this was to be my fate for the next 20 something years, and I daresay the rest of my life. My Scottish cadence is an endless source of small talk…

Love versus the Greyhound Industry

Photo is the property of Tara O’Rourke, used with permission, all rights reserved

Sometimes our greyhound tests my love. Sometimes our greyhound is extremely frustrating, not to say annoying. But no matter, I can’t help but love him. And I guess that’s the difference between humans and the people who torture greyhounds for fun and profit.

I realised for certain I love him, despite him doing his best to drive me mad, on the morning he tried to jump on his (temporarily) dodgy leg and it gave way under him. …

When Is Diversity Not Diversity? When Prejudice is Condoned By Parliament.

mage by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay free from copyright

As a middle-aged woman, I’m considered anathema to many publications. I’m your mum, and nobody wants to listen to what their mum has to say. Except, perhaps, all the millions of other middle-aged people out there with cold hard cash to spend, who might relate to middle-aged authors and find us relevant, thoughtful, experienced, or occasionally even wise.

But rationality never defeated bias single-handedly.

Ageism is a worldwide problem, The WHO considers it to be the most prevalent form of prejudice.

“Ageism is highly prevalent; however, unlike other forms of discrimination, including sexism and racism, it…

Pretty Happy With That, Actually

Image by Susan Cipriano from Pixabay

I used to follow everyone back on here, follow for follow. But it soon became nonsensical, I couldn’t possibly keep up, I was missing everything for the sake of being polite. So I had to cull to those I really read, and these days, what with only importing content to Medium (except this!) I don’t check followers much as a rule. But was vaguely aware I had reached around 1.3k.

And then suddenly it was down to 1.1k.

To be honest I assumed my usual opinionated “don’t suffer fools at all let alone gladly” outpourings were responsible for the drop…

Perhaps You’re Just Boring

Source: Jack Moreh on Stockvault, License: Free for Commercial Use

There’s often a whiff of humble bragging when someone self identifies as an introvert. They certainly don’t intend you to think “Not very interesting” or “Self-absorbed”. They’re not trying to sell themselves as “unskilled at social interaction and poor at conversation”. They’re not even hinting at “Shy.”

They remind me of the “Empaths” in that they don’t actually understand what the word means.

But they’re not going to let that stop them taking ownership of something they think makes them sound unique, maybe a bit edgy.

Introvert Chic, as it were.

In fact, most don’t really…

If being married didn’t matter, nobody would do it (or everybody would)

Image by Pablo Ariel Cañete from Pixabay free from copyright

When you get married for the second time:

  • You cannot believe your luck.
  • You realise the enormity of the commitment you are making.
  • You know how amazingly fortunate you are to have found love in this vast and often harsh world.
  • You will do anything to protect this enriching, joyful union of two fortunate souls.
  • You do not take being loved as a given, as you did when you were younger.
  • You keep touching your partner in delight, reaffirming that this human is for you.
  • You walk around smiling trying out your new circumstances, turning it hither and thither in your mind.
  • You keep remembering…

When Beardy Met Pickme

Photo by Alexander Sinn on Unsplash free from copyright

I recently found myself somehow embroiled in a stand off between a PickMeGirl and some decidedly more intelligent women.

I mean, I say I found myself embroiled but what really happened of course was that I opened my big gob and commented.

Note to self: Take Own Advice.

Not only had the Pickmedefender not understood what a Pickmegirl is, she was deeply offended at the idea that a woman might not validate another woman’s crappy behaviour.

In retrospect, interaction with Dunning Krugerites never ends well. I should have learned this by now.

Here’s a snippet from…

A Cheating Heart Can Cost More Than You Expect

Like a tired reveller the summer morning was weary yet winsome. Lackadaisical tourists strolled sweatily from coffee shop to sultry boulevard, gasping for the reinvigoration of cool ocean breezes.

I sipped breakfast vodka stealthily from a re-used water bottle and ruminated on my theft. After he announced that he had plans for his life and they didn’t include me, my concentration and focus, my ability to think in straight lines, had shattered. He remained impervious to my…

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