A man who won’t ever be threatened by synthetic left wokemongerer’s death and rape threats or lose his job to a howling mob thinks there are positives to misogynists screeching testerical hatred at any woman (and the occasional man) brave enough to hold a rational opinion they don’t like. Sounds about right. Your attempts to conflate people standing up against oppression with people (mainly men) threatening violent assaults and retribution on people (mainly women) who disagree with them notwithstanding (no matter how rationally, factually, carefully, politely or otherwise the disagreement is aired), to you what is an intellectual “progressive” exercise is to other people (mainly women) doxxing, rape threats, job losses, physical attacks and public humiliation and degradation.

Now, what you and other cancel culture wokemongerers and their enablers will do is make assumptions about me, and when I say I have never voted right in my life and was raised in poverty, have argued for universal basic income, socialised medicine, socialised education and every other true and actual left wing tenet for my entire adult life, and have always been on the side of actually vulnerable people, you will use whatever cognitive dissonance you can dredge up to ignore what I have said anyway, and learn nothing.

Because being screamed into terrorised silence by enraged, violent men and the handmaidens who use cancel culture as a way to engage in aggressively femalephobic behaviours under the pretence of being progressive isn’t relevant to you. Because women too terrified to have an opinion the Wokefinder General doesn’t let them have, no matter how rational, factual or well argued, isn’t relevant to you. Because the vicious, venomous bullying tactics of cancel culture, the aim of which is only and entirely to shriek people into silence if you have decided they don’t have a right to have an opinion will never affect you.

Because once again a man has turned up to tell women why it’s good and right that they’re being terrorised into submission and having their lives and jobs threatened, and this time it’s even progressive and a learning experience.

No, there are no positives to mob hatred and mob mentality and mob attacks on anyone who dares to speak against the mob view. None. Unless you count observing and figuring out what is wrong with violent synthetic leftist wokemongerers, and then helping them to engage in decent human behaviour. But you’re not trying to do that. It’s much easier to tell women they can learn a lesson from being violently terrorised and pretend your vague, sanctimonious support for wokemongering violence is progressive, not deeply regressive as it is.

You would think a psychologist would have some idea about how harmful to progress and enlightenment it is to give in to your baser limbic system instincts, and that chasing women through the streets with flaming torches actually isn’t acceptable or progressive. You would imagine you would understand that cancel culture hatred is not something apparently educated men should be dismissing, minimising or encouraging.

But thanks “Doc”. Your obeisance to the Wokefinder General is in black and white now, and duly noted :)

Lost in three continents. Owner and Editor of The Authentic Eclectic https://medium.com/the-authentic-eclectic