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  • Mary Louisa Cappelli

    Mary Louisa Cappelli

    My primary focus explores the impact of globalization on indigenous communities. Then I throw a few other things into the mix as well. https://marycappelli.com

  • Karen Oliver, PhD

    Karen Oliver, PhD

    I am a clinical psychologist. I write about mental health, surviving midlife, and raising a deaf child. Learn more in my About Me Story or at www.ko-is-ok.net.

  • Gerald Sturgill

    Gerald Sturgill

    Gay, disabled nerd living in PA, originally from Sacramento, CA, Love my partner, writing, and being nicheless. Owner and creator of Digital Global Traveler.

  • Some Guy

    Some Guy

    Just some guy.

  • Steven Hale

    Steven Hale

    Music: Discovering the lost and forgotten. Politics: Exposing injustice. Screenwriting: Emotional storytelling.

  • Nyk


    Learning specialist in love with ethics and the human brain. (Other brains are pretty cool, too.) Liminal and anti-obedient. She/her.

  • J. Salvatore Domino

    J. Salvatore Domino

    J. Salvatore Domino an author and blogger. His stories run the gamut from cozy to dark.

  • Sheryll James

    Sheryll James

    Desire to impart my winsome wisdom before it turns into stardust never scattered. I’m a retired physical therapist, mental health counselor, and grandma of 8.

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