I Confess I Dislike Bios

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Dear reader, thank you for dropping by. If you want to see a list of all my sites, links and work, including PodCasting and videos, please visit The Garrulous Glaswegian:


You can read about the Medium TOS and plagiarism fiascos that led to me removing a lot of my work here.

For me it’s the words that matter, for the most part. It is the tale not she who tells it (to paraphrase King).

But I understand that before you follow me, or publish me, you might like to know a little bit more about me. I too put more weight in someone’s word if they’re not anonymous. We can all make false assertions and nonsensical appeals to authority under the cloak of anonymity.

So Here’s A Quick “About The Author”

Australian by citizenship ceremony, Scottish by birth, upbringing, bloodline and temperament. Worked in mental health for many years and mostly live a quiet sort of life where I try to find new ways of staying sane, and loving my loved ones. When writing I use my maiden name.

As well as a few places online I was published in 15 publications on Medium, and and was the editor for 2, and accepted to write for a few more, but these days I mostly direct my efforts off of Medium, including Vocal+ and independent publications.

I was born and raised in Glasgow, and not the posh part. I’ve experienced mental health challenges throughout my life and am fighting them still. I have worked in mental health as a support worker and counsellor. I was once mainly an autodidact but have over the years also gained education and qualifications in mental health and education support.

I’ve little patience for whatabouters and reply guys and won’t reinvent the wheel for them, however much they brandish their entitlement.

I’m a plant eater, but I don’t call myself vegan as too many people associate it with hairy toed hippies spouting woo. It just sort of happened to me by osmosis, and I’m glad it did.

I have lived in Scotland, England, the USA and settled in Australia in 1999, taking citizenship in 2002, before they decided to try to deport me.

As for the rest, you can ask me anything. The answer might be “I’m not telling”, but I’ll answer.

And with that, fellow traveller, I take my leave. Here’s to fair winds and a following sea.

Source: Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay License: free for commercial use

Besom & Bletherskite. Garrulous Glaswegian. Carbon based bipedal Life Form. https://www.garrulousglaswegian.com/https-www-garrulousglaswegian-com/categories/all

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