I've never voted right in my life. Grew up in a Glasgow slum, and always considered that the left, even when wrong, were the lesser of the two evils. I loathed Trump. I could not BELIEVE the misogynistic, creepy dimwitted sleazebag was voted in in 2016, I was ENRAGED. But this time around I got it. I understood why so many of them voted against Biden. And after four years of listening to synthetic wokemongering leftists shriek abuse at women (mostly women but some men) for having any opinion that didn't kowtow to wokemongering beliefs, I don't even blame them.

And yeah, I was the same, I used to get angry at the right even TRYING to defend Trump. I assumed the instant someone played devil’s advocate they were a moron and dismissed them. At best, I was condescending, at worst I was downright sanctimonious.

And now beardies “progressives” and wokemongerers scream misogyny at women all over the internet and have kidnapped the left. And I am done.

Once I used to say that a person does not become a misogynist, racist or homophobe because they read articles that anger them, even 100s of articles. I still stand by that.

However, what I have realised in the last couple of years is that you CAN make people simply not care. I am the epitome of left wing. I grew up in poverty, the sort of poverty most of the people I know in Australia (where I live) would not be able to comprehend. I am what most Americans would consider so socialist I am nearly communist. I have shouted for the rights of vulnerable people and groups my whole life.

I no longer give a fuck about anything the synthetic leftist wokemongerers have to say. Still wouldn’t try to hurt anyone for their sexual orientation, skin colour, etc, if I saw someone in front of me being actually harmed I’d still step in (actual harm not meaning rational disagreement or dissent).

But I no longer read anything by them. No longer contribute. No longer care. I am sick to death of reading abuse shrieked at everyone who doesn’t bow down to wokeology screeched by testerics and handmaidens for testeria, and watching women and anyone who wants to draw attention to genuine issues being abused for having an opinion based in facts, reality and well thought out rationality that they don't like listening to.

I'm done with them all. It used to frustrate me that Aus is a bit slower than other countries to be "progressive". But since progressive now means regressive, I am grateful that we are bit behind America, the UK and Canada and are still centrist. I did not vote left at the latest Queensland election. First time ever. It felt so strange. I won't be voting for Labor (that's this country's left party) again until Labor are left wing again instead of synthetic leftist wokemongerers like the rest.

So I do get why people voted against Biden. The Tangerine Tantrum was a misogynistic imbecile. The beardy bros know what they are doing. And that makes them every bit as bad.

When you have lost middle aged left voting women like me, women who grew up in poverty in a Glasgow dump, women who advocate for socialised healthcare, socialised education, universal basic income, who are outspoken advocates for destigmatising mental health, women who work in disability and mental health and who have voted left from the first time they were allowed to vote, women who have always defended minorities and the vulnerable, when you have lost our vote — your party is fucked. The left are now tone deaf hateful ragebots screeching on a loop the same meaningless slogans. Everyone must bend the knee to their idealogies, and no debate or discussion is to be allowed. And I am politically homeless.

Lost in three continents. Owner and Editor of The Authentic Eclectic https://medium.com/the-authentic-eclectic