Nosy so and so! I lived in a fairly big city, and the suburbs I grew up in were also busy, but nosy bastards (or should I say whoresons?!) abound everywhere.

When I was about 19 I bumped into a neighbour who lived in a tenement around the corner from ours. I didn't even know her name, we were on nodding terms, but one afternoon she stopped me in the street to tell me she liked the black dress I had been wearing the other night. I was genuinely confused. I finally figured out that she meant she had been peering from behind her curtains, watching me walk up the road to the bus stop, dressed up to go out with my friends, and thought she'd comment on how I looked to me later. So fucking weird. I remember at the time thinking, well I'm glad I'm so fascinating to you, but you're not that interesting to me, sorry!

Besom & Bletherskite. Garrulous Glaswegian. Carbon based bipedal Life Form.

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